About Us

About Us

EduLegaL is a group of focussed educational lawyers, consultants, professionals offering effective solutions to all kinds of educational institutions at all levels of the Education system in India. Our Service areas include:

  • Incorporation Advisory
  • Property Acquisition
  • Legal Audit
  • IP Protection
  • Litigation Management
  • Contract Management

The rapid growth in the private education market in India, coupled with an expeditiously competitive market, is attracting global attention on Indian education putting it on massive growth and reform trajectory.
EduLegaL one of the first of its kind in India is catering to some of the biggest participants of this sector by anticipating their needs and partnering in their continued progress.

Our team takes pride in delivering holistic service to our clients. EduLegaL is known for a caring, energetic, and intellectual approach to the needs of the client and serves them with distinguishing experience and wisdom.