EduLegaL : An Education Sector Law Firm

The rapid growth in the education sector in India, coupled with an expeditiously competitive market, is attracting global attention on Indian education putting it on massive growth and reform trajectory.

EduLegaL is a group of focussed educational lawyers, consultants, professionals offering effective solutions to all kinds of educational institutions at all levels of the Education system in India. EduLegaL caters to all levels of Educational Institutions by anticipating their needs and partnering in their continued progress.

Our Service areas include:

  • Contract Management
  • Incorporation Advisory
  • Intellectual Property
  • Legal Audit
  • Litigation Management
  • Property Acquisition

EduLegaL is known for a caring, energetic, and intellectual approach to the needs of the client and serves them with distinguishing experience and wisdom. Our team led by Ravi Bhardwaj, who has more than 2 decades of experience in education sector related litigation, policy analysis and strategic deliberations takes pride in delivering holistic service to our clients.

Our Services
EduLegaL, Assists Educational Institutes in deploying effective Contract Management System by playing an active role in negotiation, structuring, drafting and vetting and overall management of contracts.
Contract Management
EduLegaL, Works with interested persons to strategize and structure the proposed legal entity, depending on target field namely School / Higher Education, or ancillary service providers like Coaching, Content Development etc.
Incorporation Advisory
EduLegaL, Helps Educational Institutions in identifying their potential and existing IP. We provide advisory services to Educational Institutions for effective Creation, Promotion, and Protection of their Trademark/ Copyright/ Patent.
Intellectual Property
EduLegaL, Conducts an analysis of legal compliances and perusal of all legal documents to identify and possibly resolve any legal issues to safeguard legitimate interests of an Educational Institution.
Legal Audit
EduLegaL, Supports Educational Institutions by proactively taking steps towards reducing, managing and marginalizing the risks often involved in litigation by efficient litigation management and strategizing.
Litigation Management
EduLegaL, Assists educational Institutions with property acquisition and conducting exhaustive due diligence thereby ensuring protection of their funds and eliminating potential legal and financial risks.
Property Acquisition
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