Legal Audit
Legal Audit
EduLegaL conducts an analysis of legal compliances and perusal of all legal documents to identify and possibly resolve any legal issues to safeguard legitimate interests of an Educational Institution.

A legal audit enables an organisation in determining the organisation’s compliance with the necessary rules and regulations governing the Organisation. Legal Audit is an innovative form of auditing process developed by Team EduLegaL with a core focus to reduce the possible threats and risks arising out of legal complications confronting an education institution.

Under this process, comprehensive analysis of the organisation’s current legal compliances are conducted with routine perusals of all their legal documents to identify and possibly resolve any legal issues. Additionally, EduAudit’s advisory services include notifying Education Institutions of pertinent key remedies which could help them in implementing necessary measures to safeguard their legitimate interests.

Under EduAudit, we perform a detailed review of:

  • Documents - contracts/agreements, real estate documents
  • Policies - HR policy, data privacy policy, equal opportunity policy
  • Compliance - Statutory/Regulatory compliance, IP compliances, Trust Compliances
  • Recognition documents - Accreditation, Affiliation, Litigation

This Audit helps EduAudit in deploying systems like contract management, litigation management, IP management, HR management, etc.