Contract Management
Contract Management
EduLegaL, supports Educational Institutions by proactively taking steps towards reducing, managing and marginalizing the risks often involved in litigation by efficient litigation management and strategizing.
Educational Institutes, enter into contract with several service providers including transportation, hostel, mess, software, construction etc. Contract Management is essential towards business building and incorporates facets of creation, execution, renewal and analysis of contracts that are executed across various levels in an organisation and counts as a key business process.
An effective Contract Management System in an educational institution, is extremely vital for maximizing the operational and financial performance. Contract Management also helps in effective coordination and management of organisational working and enforces the attributes of accountability and ownership.

EduLegaL,with their expertise in contract management has helped several Educational Institution in adopting an efficient and skilled approach towards Contract Management, which has resulted in optimisation of resources, minimization of potential risks, achievement of milestones and accountability of completion.

EduLegaL, assists educational Institutions through the various stages of an effective contract management, including performing the following tasks of -

  • Negotiation and In Principle Agreement
  • Strategic structuring
  • Contract drafting and Vetting
  • Renewing and Overall management of Contracts