Webinar on Anti- Ragging Complaints – Inquiry Procedure and Compliance

Webinar on Anti- Ragging Complaints – Inquiry Procedure and Compliance
Date: 03.04.2021 | Time – 4 PM | Platform – Zoom |
As a socio-legal initiative aimed at creating awareness about the procedure and compliance involved in inquiring into anti ragging complaints, EduLegaL is organising a Webinar on 3rd April 2021, encompassing aspects of Anti-Ragging Laws’ ‘Procedure to Inquire into Complaints’, ‘Compliance’ and ‘Report Writing’.
Ragging is a menace in several educational institutions that has and continues to affect countless promising lives. Despite prevalent laws and stringent punitive consequences, ragging continues to plague our educational institutions for reasons including lack of awareness, non-compliance with prescribed procedures and inability to enforce regulations.
The Regulatory Authorities like the UGC / AICTE as well as State Governments have framed legislations to curb the incidents of Ragging. However, we have noticed deficiencies in compliance with the law and other legal procedures, more particularly regarding documentation, recording of evidence, report writing etc. while conducting inquiry into complaints related to incidents of ragging by the educational Institutions. This can prove precarious as procedural errors and non-compliance may vitiate the entire inquiry and render justice unserved.Through this webinar we would like to create awareness amongst the stakeholders of the Education Community so that Anti Ragging laws achieve its true meaning and manifestation.
Discussion Topics:
1. Brief Summary about Anti-Ragging laws in India
2. Procedure for inquiry (Notice, Minutes, Documentation)
3. Recording and analysis of evidence
4. Report Writings
Who Should attend:
1. University Management/Vice Chancellors
2. Principals/Heads of Colleges
3. Registrars
4. Dean- Student Affairs
5. Students
Ravi Bhardwaj, Founder, EduLegaL, has extensive experience in litigation, policy analysis and strategic deliberations in the education sector.
Akash Katawati, is a practicing lawyer and visiting faculty at a leading Law School in Pune. He specialises in issues relating to the education sector.
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