Take Strong Measures to Become a "Ragging Free State": UGC to States

Take Strong Measures to Become a “Ragging Free State”: UGC to States

Ragging a heinous crime that adversely affects the education system of the country and destroys promising young lives needs immediate attention and utmost priority to stop and uproot the menace from society.

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The University Grants Commission (UGC) of India in its notice dated 19.03.2021 has directed states to adopt strong measures to implement the Anti Ragging Regulations and take stringent actions against those flouting the guidelines. The UGC has further instructed states to ensure that concerns pertaining to “Ragging” are addressed in a time-bound manner to make them a “Ragging Free State” with utmost dispatch.
Additionally, the notice has reiterated states to mandatorily adhere to and implement the ‘UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009’ framed pursuant to the judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, and ensure that the guidelines are adopted, followed, and implemented by all universities and colleges.
Prof. Rajnish Jain Secretary UGC, in his communication, has stated:

I, therefore, request you to take strong measures to implement the Anti Ragging Regulations in your state and take stringent action against those flouting the guidelines.
Once again, may I request for your kind intervention in the matter to ensure that the concern is addressed in a time bound manner and your state become a “Ragging Free State” at the earliest.

Measures Adopted by the UGC to Curb Ragging:

To curb the menace of ragging, UGC has established a nationwide toll-free anti-ragging helpline 1800-180-5522 in 12 languages which can be accessed by students in distress due to ragging. It is also binding for all institutions to incorporate, in their prospectus, the directions of the government concerning prohibition and the consequences of ragging. UGC has been repeatedly and routinely issuing necessary advisories to all educational institutions, which are also made available on the UGC website.
However, all these steps have not yielded complete and consequential results and, ragging remains yet to be completely eliminated from educational institutions. Therefore, the UGC has once again instructed states to take effective measures to eliminate this grave crime from society.
Webinar on Anti- Ragging Complaints – Inquiry Procedure and Compliance

As a socio-legal initiative aimed at creating awareness about procedure and compliance involved in inquiring into anti-ragging complaints, EduLegaL in association with Aman Movement is organizing a Webinar on 3rd April 2021, encompassing aspects of ‘Anti-Ragging Laws’, ‘Procedure to Inquire into Complaints’, ‘Compliance’ and ‘Report Writing’.
Register for the Webinar by filling the Webinar Form.
To know more about the Webinar, please visit:
Read the UGC Notice dated 19th March 2021 below:

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