Students Future at Stake, Issue Exam Registration Forms Permitting them to Appear for Examinations: J&K High Court

Students Future at Stake, Issue Exam Registration Forms Permitting them to Appear for Examinations: J&K High Court

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The High Court of Jammu and Kashmir in Fallahi Aam Trust vs State of JK and Others– CM No.7939/2021 in OWP No.303/2010 – held that the students of the petitioner’s trust to be allowed to appear for the examination conducted by J&K State Board of School Kashmir Division from class 5 and 10. 
A single bench of Justice Sanjay Dhar held: 

this Court from time to time, it is directed that the respondents shall allow the students enrolled in the institution run by the petitioner-trust to sit in the examination and to issue RR forms and complete all formalities that may be required for conduct of examination, declaration of the result of the students and authentication of certificates. This order shall, however, be subject to final outcome of the writ petition. 

The petitioners had filed an application seeking direction against the respondent no. 2 and 3 to issue the registration forms to the students of the school run by and affiliated to the petitioner-trust and to take all necessary steps so as to enable the students of these schools from class 5 and 10 to sit in the examination conducted by the respondent state board. The counsel for the petitioner submitted that there were large number of students studying in schools run by the petitioner and the deadline to submit the registration forms for the students is to be filled by the end of December 2021. Therefore, the cousel prayed that the court issue appropriate directions to the respondents so that the career of the students are not unfairly affected. 
Pending reply from the respondents, the court in the interests of the students, allowed the application of the petitioner and directed the respondent to allow the students of the petitioner’s trust to sit for the exam and to provide for the registration forms for the same.  
Concluding, the court stated that this order shall be subject to the final order of the writ petition.
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