Information Duly Provided by University, Authority Interference Non-essential: CIC

Information Duly Provided by University, Authority Interference Non-essential: CIC
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The Central Information Commission (CIC) in Rashmi Chopra vs University of Delhi – CIC/UODEL/C/2020/679921- held that the complainant had sufficiently and effectively received a factual reply from the university as to her original degree and therefore rejected the need for the authority’s interference.
The information commissioner Saroj Punhani held:

The Commission at the outset observes that while the Complaint has been filed against Meenakshi Sahay, CPIO of Delhi University, the reply referred to in the Complaint is that of the CPIO, Hindu College. 

Nonetheless, it is evinced from the facts on record including the written submissions of the CPIO, University of Delhi that factual replies were provided to the Complainant by both the public authorities in response to the instant RTI Application vide letter(s) dated 28.07.2020; 08.08.2020, 08.10.2020.
The complainant had filed an RTI application on 05.06.2020 seeking information from the university regarding the degrees of the candidates released on 18.11.2017. This was because of an alleged failure on the part of the university to provide the degree to the complainant till date whereas the same had been provided to other candidates of her batch.
Accordingly, the Central Information Public Officer (CPIO) of Hindu College in reply to the RTI application responded:

The College does not have the enrolment numbers of those students who have completed their graduation from other colleges of Delhi University or from other Universities. Such type of students are advised to submit their enrolment numbers along with the final year marksheet to the College Office or in the Degree Section of the Delhi University to release the degree certificate at the earliest.

Dissatisfied by the reply the complainant approached the CIC.
CPIO, Delhi University stated that her original degree, as per the information gathered from the concerned college, had already been issued to her which was collected by her husband under her authorization letter, on the date the degree was released.
The CIC observed that the complainant had filed the application with Delhi University but the reply was given on record by the complainant was of CPIO, Hindu College. But during the hearing of this appeal, it was revealed that the CPIO of Delhi University had already provided the complainant with the information as to the handing over of her original degree through letters dated and 28.07.2020,08.08.2020 and 08.10.2020.
The complaint was accordingly disposed of.
Rasmita Behera | Research Intern | EduLegaL
Swapna Iyer | Legal Editor | EduLegaL

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