EduLegaL Webinar: Collaboration between Indian and Foreign Universities: Legal and Regulatory Framework

EduLegaL Webinar on Collaboration between Indian and Foreign Universities: Legal and Regulatory Framework
Date: 18.06.2021 | Time – 4 PM | Platform – Zoom |
EduLegaL, as part of its initiative to empower education sector, is organizing a webinar on “Collaboration between Indian and Foreign Universities: Legal and Regulatory Framework” on 18th June 2021 at 4 PM to discuss policy initiatives, legal, financial and taxation issues involved in such collaboration.
Discussion Topics:
1. Internationalisation of Education in India: A Policy Perspective
2. Types of Collaboration between Indian and Foreign Universities
3. Laws and Regulations regarding Collaborations and Agreements
4. Essentials in Agreement between Indian and Foreign Universities
5. Financial and Taxation Issues in Collaboration
The recent years have seen a significant rise in the internationalisation of higher education and research. Not only has it become one of the key priorities of Indian Universities but also a pathway to achieving international recognition and competitiveness.
The Government of India and key regulators such as UGC, AICTE and Medical Council among others are also proactively supporting initiatives that encourages international collaboration. The New Education Policy, 2020, also noticeably is taking step towards internationalisation of education by proposing a legislative framework that allows foreign universities to operate in India and similarly encourages high-performing Indian universities to set up campuses in other countries. Likewise, schemes such as Study India Program, Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) and Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC) has also given a huge impetus towards enabling collaboration between Indian and Foreign Universities.
It therefore becomes essential to study factors that inform us about collaboration including academic co-operation, student exchange are necessarily of a contractual nature; it involves compliance with the contract laws and regulations / guidelines laid down by the education regulators. Other corresponding areas involving finance and taxation also become an essential aspect during the negotiations, more so, in collaboration involving technology transfer and Intellectual Property (IP) commercialisation.
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Ravi Bhardwaj, Founder, EduLegaL, has extensive experience in litigation, policy analysis and strategic deliberations in the education sector.
Gaurav Sharma, Ph.D., Partner @Sentilius Consulting Services LLP, has over a decade and half experience in the legal field. He has been extensively involved in contract negotiation, review and finalisation between Indian and Foreign Universities.
Ms. Nidhi Tewari, has a background in Public Law and holds a master’s degree in Constitutional and Administrative Law from National Law University, Gandhinagar. She worked as an Assistant Professor (Law) at Symbiosis Law School, Pune from 2016-2019. Presently, she is Doctoral Fellow at at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.
With this, we invite your esteemed presence and request you to attend this webinar and support this initiative to make our country free from the perils of ragging.
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About EduLegaL:
EduLegaL is a group of legal professionals, specialising in the ‘Education Sector’. We handle issues related to laws governing the education sector and offer advice to stakeholders across different education systems in India. Our service include: Contract Management, Incorporation Advisory, Intellectual Property, Legal Audit, Litigation Management and Property Acquisition.
We have also worked extensively in drafting and reviewing Agreement between Indian and Foreign Universities involving Student Exchange, Research Collaboration, Credit Transfer, Study India Program, Technology Transfer etc.

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