UGC Clarifies on 1 Year LL.M. Duration amends Regulations to allow 1 Year LL.M. Course

University Grants Commission vide Gazette Notification dated 5 July 2014, by virtue of powers conferred u/s 22(3) of the UGC Act, 1956, has laid down under Column 30 of the Specification List, that LL.M., shall be of 2 year Duration.

This was almost undoing the earlier UGC Guidelines issued in 2013 allowing Universities to start 1 year LL.M. Course.

On the heels of this confusion, which was created by the recent Notification mentioning LL.M. to be of 2 year, UGC has amended UGC (Minimum Standards of Instructions for Grant of Master’s Degree through Formal Education) Regulations, 2013, to say as under:

“Provided that a master’s degree, where entry qualification is two bachelor’s degree in succession, including one in the relevant discipline or integrated degree of five years in the relevant discipline after plus two, the duration may be one year.”

This clarifies the position that one Year LL.M. Degree programme shall be allowed to run. But is this clarification is absolute?

The answer is NO, interested Universities, which desire to continue with the existing 1 year LL.M. Degree Program or introduce one, will have to comply with requirements laid down in UGC Guidelines of Centre Post Graduate Legal Studies, 2013 in terms of faculty, infrastructure, library, teleconferencing facilities, etc.

“confusion” and “then a clarification”, a “innovative” way of dissemination of information. Let us live with it, till UGC actually becomes autonomous in terms of its legislative preamble and mandate.

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