Property Acquisition

In a transaction involving the purchase of immovable property, there is substantial pecuniary involvement and therefore any institution undertaking such acquisition should ensure that fund of the institution is protected and there are no legal complications.
A tailored approach towards real estate property transactions can lead to a successful and legal implication- free acquisition. Often, a structured approach towards land acquisitions results in considerable financial and strategic benefit when due diligence is deployed.
EduProperties, a specialised Property Acquisition division of EduLegaL, has a comprehensive and detailed analytical approach towards dealing with property matters. With years of experience, EduProperties’ team of professionals can assist educational Institutions in avoiding and even eliminating potential legal as well as financial risks by assessing, analysing and advising on all property matters.
We, at EduProperties, recognise and understand the expertise it takes when dealing with property acquisition and conduct due diligence along with the following services:

  • Search Report and Title Opinion
  • Documentation
  • Registration of Transaction

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