Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) is an intangible asset protected by the law. Globalization and Liberalisation of education also brought into sharp focus, the importance of the management of issues related to intellectual property rights.
In terms of Educational Institution Intellectual Property would mean, for eg: Trademark Rights in name and logo of the Institute, Copyright in Journals and Articles published by the Institutes, Patent acquired for development of new technology.
EduIP, a specialised Intellectual Property division of EduLegaL, helps Educational Institutions in identifying their potential and existing IP. Further, we also provide advisory services to Educational Institutions for the effective Creation, Promotion, and Protection of their IP.
With the increasing globalisation and the dynamic evolution of the Educational sector over the years, violation of Intellectual Property Rights have become a serious concern. To this effect, EduIP also assists Educational Institutions towards strategically protecting their IP by advising and instituting infringement proceedings in the event their names, logo and service marks are being abused by others in a deceptive manner.

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