No Examination Centre outside State for Distance Education Institutes: UGC

UGC2UGC has now issued a circular that a Distance Education Institute cannot conduct Examination outside the State of their location or beyond their territorial jurisdiction.

UGC, taking cognizance of the fact that some Institutions / Universities / Institutions Deemed to be Universities are conducting examinations for their Open and Distance Learning (ODL) programmes outside the State of their location or beyond their territorial jurisdiction, in violation of UGC policy on ODL norms and territorial jurisdiction.

UGC feels that such practice of conducting examination outside is wholly illegal and have asked the Institutes to stop setting up examination centres and conducting exams outside the State of their locationexam-centre2
or beyond their territorial jurisdiction.

Edulegal View:

I feel this circular is against the ethos of open and distance learning. What is the harm if one State based Distance Education University, though not operating outside the state, for the convenience of students outside the state, conducts examinations for them outside the state.

Does this circular mean that, a student residing in Punjab but enrolled in a Distance Education University based in UP has to travel all through to UP to give examination, then what is the benefit of open and distance learning?

I can understand that a Distance Education University should not have franchise centres outside the state, that is alright, but why ban examination centres, what is the justification, what are we going to achieve ?

Are we trying to restrict the choice available to a student, because a distance learning student would generally not like to travel distances only for examination purposes. Are we trying to create monopoly or geographical restriction in education sector ?

Ravi Bhardwaj

Read the Notification:

UGC Notice on Examination Centre for Distance Education Institutes



  1. Totally an impractical notification by the UGC. The meaning & purpose of distance education is ruined in this act. How a student living in J&K,will travel to Tamilnadu for writing the examinations?
    Government is interested in MOU with overseas institutions, but restricting Indian Universities to work out of state. Shame on policy makers & their think tank. Wholly impractical & illogical.

    • Exactly, you are right. There is no consistency in Policy of Government. I can understand that unscrupulous elements should be penalised and restrained, but then why generalise. Some system of monitoring the exam at other places can be created rather than total prohibition.

  2. I agree with above view
    No one can b deprieved of taking education from any where in india
    Also it is illogical to say that a up based univ cannot take exams outside up
    Then in my beleif our one of the top ranked distance education providing univ IGNOU shall hv no existance

    • The legal mischief is that IGNOU being a Central University Character may or may not be bound by this Notification. This is primarily intended at Private Players. This discrimination is not good for expansion of education system.

  3. being a working professional now some of us, presently persuing distance programme, its hard to continue. its distressing. if UGC carefully count this kind of inconvenience and make some provision, will be helpful.

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