Litigation Management

Litigation Management

Litigation may cost an institution huge financial strain which can be effectively reduced and marginalised by proactively taking active steps to lower the risk of litigation or to minimize the loss litigation can cause. Therefore, it is extremely essential to deploy the litigation management system for successful running of an institution.

Litigation management is part of a comprehensive risk management strategy developed by the Team EduLegal. At EduLegal, we guide and support Educational Institutions to understand and adhere to the practices which could possibly avoid the risk and potential of harassment due to litigation.

It includes taking specific and concrete actions to avoid being sued, doing an in-depth study of the actions of the Institutions which may be in potential violation of any laws or legal principles. It may also include assessing the chances that a legal proceeding will result in any kind of liability.

Our Litigation Management Team advises the Educational Institutions in following manner:

  • Formulation of litigation management policies
  • Implementation of litigation management policies and procedures
  • Periodical audits to ensure compliance