IP Protection

IP Protection

Intellectual Property (IP) consists of any ideas, concepts, insignias, and symbols that are unique and original to the owner. IP has various broad categories: copyright, trademarks, patents, designs, and other types of information.

The concept is best thought of as a bundle of rights protected by law. Trade secrets, expertise, and know-how, are instances of confidential company information that are also covered by IP laws. These ideas and concepts are assets to an organization or country and can be extremely valuable.

Globalisation and Liberalisation of education also brought into sharp focus, the importance of the management of issues related to intellectual property rights

EduIPR, a specialized Intellectual Property Division of EduLegaL helps the Educational Institutions identify potential and existing Intellectual Properties and advise the Educational Institution for Creation, Promotion and Protection of its Intellectual Properties.

EduIPR also advises Educational Institution is instituting infringement proceeding in the event their names, logo and service marks are being abused by other in deceptive manner.