Webinar – Privacy of Students' Data and its impact on the Schools

Webinar – Privacy of Students’ Data and its impact on the Schools

In the context of schools and educational institutions there are different types of data i.e. personal information which are processed extensively for various activities, which include:

a. Sensitive Personal Information
b. Student Progress/disciplinary reports as well as medical/health data and
c. Financial information (of parents/guardians)
Schools, as data fiduciaries, would be required to meet certain stringent obligations with respect to data. They would need to keep in mind that any activity of processing data should respect the privacy of the individual at all times. Schools will have to confirm that transparency, accountability and strict mechanisms and processes are in place so as to adhere to various duties and obligations outlined in the Data Protection law under consideration by the Government of India.
In light of the stringent Data Protection regime that India is likely to see in the near future and the heavy penalties, it would be advisable that schools and educational institutes start ensuring efficient systems and processes regarding their data collection and further processing.
Considering the importance of the Issue, EduLegaL is organizing a Webinar. You can register by filling the form below. 


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