ICAI Releases Guidelines for December 2021 CA Examination

ICAI Releases Guidelines for December 2021 CA Examination 
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8th November 2021, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), in light of the ongoing pandemic and to ensure the safe conduct of December 2021 CA examinations, issued general guidelines for the December 2021 CA examination. 
The general guidelines include: (Read the complete guidelines here)

  1. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for implementing safety precautions and for maintaining required standard of hygiene shall be followed.  
  2.  Before commencement of the examination, seating areas shall be adequately sanitized. All door handles, staircase railing, etc. shall be disinfected. Candidates, if so desired, may further sanitize the seating area with his/her own hand sanitizers; and may also carry face shield, hand gloves, etc. for additional protection as per their choice. 
  3.  Adequate gap as per norms between two seats shall be maintained.  
  4. Thermo scanning for temperature check of examination functionaries/candidates shall be done at the entry. 
  5. Hand sanitizer would be made available at the entry and inside the exam venue at prominent places for candidates and centre staff to use.  
  6. Candidates shall be allowed to carry the following items inside the examination hall  
    • Mask on Face (Compulsory), Face Shield (Optional) 
    •  Gloves on hand (Optional)  
    • Personal transparent water bottle  
    • Personal small hand sanitizer  
    • Exam related items/documents as instructed (Calculators, stationery items, Admit Card, Photo ID card, etc) 

ICAI has included 192 additional districts to reduce travel risks that can be encountered by the students.  
Along with the general guidelines, ICAI has issued three additional guidelines for  

  • Examination Centres  
  • Centre Superintendents and Observers  
  • Candidates 

The guidelines can be accessed here: 

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